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Hybrid Couplers

KRYTAR has developed a line of 3 dB Hybrids Couplers featuring broad bandwidths together with tight amplitude imbalances and phase imbalance specifications. Hybrid couplers perform many functions include signal splitters, combiners, balanced mixers, image-rejection mixers, phase shifters, diplexers, switches and antenna beam-forming networks used in a wide range of commercial and military applications.

KRYTAR’s Hybrid Couplers offer wide frequency coverage in single, compact packages which provide low insertion loss, high directivity and tight coupling. These hybrid couplers offer simple solutions in many applications within those frequency bands including electronic warfare (EW), commercial wireless, SATCOM, radar, signal monitoring and measurement, antenna beam forming, and EMC testing environments. For many space-restricted situations the compact size of these KRYTAR couplers are ideal. These couplers can be also be manufactured to meet military specifications.

KRYTAR offers complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed critical performance and/or packaging specifications

  •  0.5 GHz to 44 GHz
  •  Outstanding Versatility
  • Excellent Phase and Amplitude Matching
  • 0.5 GHz to 40 GHz
  • Outstanding Versatility
  • Excellent Phase and Amplitude Matching
KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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