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Butler Matrix

The NEW KRYTAR 4×4 Butler Matrix family uses KRYTAR’s high-performance 90- and 180-degree Hybrid Couplers providing super phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability and repeatability. Offering coverage of multiple microwave bands, from 0.5 to 40 GHz, a KRYTAR Butler Matrix is the ideal choice for
antenna array beamforming, 5G NR (New Radio) testing, mmWave testing, MIMO testing, multipath simulation and performance evaluation, and many other applications.


Ultra-Broadband Coverage​

0.5 to 40 GHz Frequency​

5G/Near Radio (NR) Testing​

Radio DIrection Finding​

mmWave Applications​

KRYTAR High-Performance Hybrid Couplers​

Low Insertion Loss and VSWR​

Filter table by model number or specification

Product ImageModel NumberFreq.Min (GHz)Freq.Max (GHz)VSWR (Max)Insertion Loss
(dB Min)
Phase Imbalance
(Deg. Max.)
Amplitude Imbalance
(dB. Max)
Isolation (dB Min.)Power Rating (Watts)Standard Connectors (Female)Data Sheet/Outline DrawingsAdd To RFQ
Butler Matrix KBM9020080
KBM9020080< 8.5±10±0.81420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9005070
KBM9005070< 11±12 ±1.01420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9020070
KBM9020070< 8±10 ±0.81420SMA PDF
Butler Matrix KBM9020060
KBM9020060< 7.5±8±1.01420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9100400
KBM9100400 10.040.02< 12±15±1.212202.4 mmPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9300400
KBM9300400 30.040.02< 12±15 ±1.3 12202.4 mmPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9180400
KBM9180400 18.040.02< 12±15 ±1.3 12202.4 mmPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9240300
KBM9240300< 11±15 ±1.3 12202.4 mmPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9014265
KBM9014265 1.426.52< 13.5±171.61020SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9060265
KBM9060265 6.026.52< 13.5±16 1.61020SMA PDF
Butler Matrix KBM9007022
KBM9007022< 8±3 ±0.4 1620SMA PDF
KBM9010180< 12±18±11420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9005010
KBM9005010< 8±3±0.41620SMAPDF
KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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