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Monopulse Comparators

KRYTAR Monopulse Comparators use KRYTAR’s high-performance 180-degree Hybrid Couplers providing super phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability and repeatability all within a single compact package. KRYTAR’s technological advances provide excellent operating performance with this new family of Monopulse Comparators.

A Monopulse Comparator is a beamforming network used to feed a phased array of antenna elements. Its purpose is to control the direction of a beam, or beams, of radio transmission. KRYTAR Monopulse Comparators are the ideal choice for antenna array beamforming, high speed radar searching and tracking, multipath simulation and performance evaluation, and many other applications.


Ultra-Broadband Coverage​

0.5 to 40 GHz Frequency​

Excellent Phase Imbalance

Excellent Amplitude Imbalance

Coaxial Connectors

KRYTAR High-Performance Hybrid Couplers​

Low Insertion Loss and VSWR​

Offering coverage of multiple microwave bands, from 0.5 to 40 GHz (L- thru Ka-Bands), KRYTAR’s Monopulse Comparators have the advantage over other methods of angular beamforming with excellent functionality and simplicity of use.

KRYTAR also offers complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed your critical performance and/or packaging specifications.

Filter table by model number or specification

Product ImageModel NumberFreq.Min (GHz)Freq.Max (GHz)VSWR (Max)Insertion Loss
(dB Min)
Phase Imbalance
(Deg. Max.)
Amplitude Imbalance
(dB. Max)
Isolation (dB Min.)Power Rating (Watts)Standard Connectors (Female)Data Sheet/Outline DrawingsAdd To RFQ
Monopulse Comparators RFM020080

RFM020080< 9±20±0.6> 2220SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM005070

RFM005070< 13±26±1.2> 2620SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM100400

RFM100400< 12.3±26±2.0> 17202.4 mm


Monopulse Comparators RFM180400

RFM180400< 12.3±26±2.0> 17202.4 mm


Monopulse Comparators RFM005040

RFM005040< 11.5±26±1.2> 2520SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM010265

RFM010265< 14.4±36±1.5> 2020SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM060200

RFM060200< 10.3±21±1.5> 2120SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM010180

RFM010180< 12.7±32±1.0> 2220SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM020180

RFM020180< 11.8±34±1.5> 2120SMA


Monopulse Comparators RFM010124

RFM010124< 12.3±25±1.0> 1820SMA


KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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