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Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters

KRYTAR has developed a line of Broadband PIN-Schottky Diode Limiters for applications from 0.5 to 18 GHz. These PIN (positive-intrinsic-negative) diode designs exhibit very low insertion loss at a maximum of 2.5 dB and are cylindrical coaxial packages available with SMA female output and SMA male input connectors. KRYTAR diode limiters are broadband passive devices which find uses in receiver and RF component protection in addition to power leveling applications.

KRYTAR Broadband Limiters are typically available from stock to 30 days ARO.

KRYTAR offers complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed critical performance and/or packaging specifications.


0.5 GHz to 18 GHz

Low Insertion Loss

Coaxial SMA Connectors

Product ImageModel NumberFrequency Min. (MHz)Frequency Max. (GHz)Insertion Loss (dB)VSWR (Typical)Minimum Leakage Power (dBm) PeakMinimum Leakage Power (dBm) CWData Sheet / Outline DrawingsAdd To RFQ
Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters
KSL0140 0.540.81.52016PDF
Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters
KSL0520 0.520.61.52016PDF
Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters
KSL8018 8182.52.21915PDF
Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters
KSL6018 6182.52.21915PDF
Broadband PIN-Schottky Limiters
KSL2018 2182.52.22016PDF
KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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