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Butler Matrix

The NEW KRYTAR 4×4 Butler Matrix family uses KRYTAR’s high-performance 90- and 180-degree Hybrid Couplers providing super phase accuracy, amplitude imbalance, stability and repeatability. Offering coverage of multiple microwave bands, from 0.5 to 40 GHz, a KRYTAR Butler Matrix is the ideal choice for
antenna array beamforming, 5G NR (New Radio) testing, mmWave testing, MIMO testing, multipath simulation and performance evaluation, and many other applications.


Ultra-Broadband Coverage​

0.5 to 40 GHz Frequency​

5G/Near Radio (NR) Testing​

Radio DIrection Finding​

mmWave Applications​

KRYTAR High-Performance Hybrid Couplers​

Low Insertion Loss and VSWR​

Filter table by model number or specification

Product ImageModel NumberFreq.Min (GHz)Freq.Max (GHz)Phase Imbalance
(Deg. Max.)
Amplitude Imbalance
(dB. Max)
Isolation (dB Min.)Power Rating (Watts)Standard Connectors (Female)Data Sheet/Outline DrawingsAdd To RFQ
Butler Matrix KBM9014265
KBM9014265 1.424.5±171.61020SMAPDF
KBM9010180 1.018.0±18±11420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9100400
KBM9100400 10.040.0±15±1.212202.4 mmPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9020080
KBM9020080 2.08.0±10±0.81420SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9020060
KBM9020060 2.06.0±8±1.01520SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9005070
KBM9005070 0.57.0±12 ±1.01520SMAPDF
Butler Matrix KBM9005010
KBM9005010 0.51.0±3±0.41620SMAPDF
KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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