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Space Qualified Coaxial Termination T2M-TV

Space Qualified Coaxial Termination T2M-TV


Model Number


Freq. Min (DC)


Freq. Max. (GHz)

VSWR (Max)
1.06, DC-20 GHz 1.09, 20-26.5 GHz
Power Rating (Watts)
Impedance (Ohm)
50 ±1
Standard Connector (Male)
3.5 mm


DC – 26.5 GHz Frequency Operation

Thermal Vacuum Termination

1.06 Max VSWR

3.5 mm Male Connector

Stainless Steel Body with BeCu Center Contact

Rugged Mechanical Design

Product Description

KRYTAR specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-broadband, high performance microwave components and test equipment for both commercial and military space applications. Products manufactured for Space Applications undergo additional reliability and quality assurance inspections during all phases of assembly, electrical evaluation, and shock/vibration testing. Parts, materials and processes are fully traceable from subordinate to top-level assemblies. KRYTAR can also provide customized solutions to meet your application-specific requirements. Our successful space heritage offers qualities you can depend on including: offering innovative products, quick-reaction capability, design responsiveness, flexibility, fast production turn-around, and partnerships with our customers.

KRYTAR offers a wide selection of extremely rugged, 50 Ohm mechanical Coaxial Terminations. Coaxial Terminations are useful when terminating unused ports, on isolated ports of hybrids and combiners, and to protect devices from signal reflections. KRYTAR’s Model T2M-TV termination is designed for use in a wide range of ultra-broadband microwave components and test equipment for both commercial and military applications. KRYTAR designs offer reliability, long wear and excellent repeatability. Many of KRYTAR’s terminations have been used to make thousands of measurements and are still within their original performance specifications.

KRYTAR’s new termination, Model T2M-TV, delivers exceptional frequency versatility from DC to 26.5 GHz, Maximum VSWR of: 1.06, DC-20 GHz and 1.09, 20-26.5 GHz, Maximum Power Rating of 0.5 Watts and Impedance of 50 ±1 Ohms. The passivated stainless steel termination comes with an industry-standard 3.5 mm Male Connector. The center contact is gold plated heat treated BeCu. The compact package measures just 0.84 inches long x 0.36 inches in diameter. Operating temperature is -65° to 125° C.

KRYTAR also offers complete engineering services for custom designs that meet or exceed critical performance and/or packaging specifications.

Common Definitions

TVAC (Thermal Vacuum Chamber): Used for simulating the conditions of space flight on electronics.

 Microwave Frequency Bands
Band Designation Frequency Range (GHz)
UHF 300 MHz – 1.0 GHz
L 1.0 – 2.0
S 2.0 – 4.0
C 4.0 – 8.0
X  8.0 – 12.0
DBS 12.2 – 12.7
Ku 12.0 – 18.0
K 18.0 – 26.5
Ka  26.5 – 40.0
Q  30.0 – 50.0
U  40.0 – 60.0
V  50.0 – 75.0

Passivation of Stainless Steel: Passivation of stainless steel is a process that removes free iron from the surface of a stainless component and at the same time promotes the formation of a thin, dense oxide protective barrier.

Beryllium copper (BeCu): Also known as copper beryllium (CuBe), beryllium bronze and spring copper, is a copper alloy with 0.5—3% beryllium. Beryllium copper combines high strength with non-magnetic and non-sparking qualities. It has excellent metalworking, forming and machining properties. It has many specialized applications in precision measurement devices and aerospace.

Amplitude Imbalance: The amount of level variation between a hybrid’s two outputs

VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio): The ratio of the maximum voltage to the minimum voltage in standing wave pattern along the length of a transmission line structure. It varies from 1 to (plus) infinity and is always positive.

Insertion Loss: Net unrecoverable power in dB dissipated within the circuit at any frequency within the specified range.

Frequency Sensitivity: The amount of frequency change in the carrier frequency per unit amplitude change in the message signal.

Additional Resources

For more information on Krytar’s Couplers and Space Solutions Capabilities please see below:

KRYTAR Ultra-Broadband Microwave Components and Test Equipment DC-67 GHz

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